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Chapter 54

  • Chapter Fifty Four
  • Ruiz sat on the bed doing up the cuffs of his shirt as he half listens to Melody’s nervous chatting. He’d tried to pay attention at first, respond when he was required and make all the right conversation noises until he realized her mouth was stuck on a loop. She said the same thing twice, asked the same questions five times and finally asked him what went with what so many times he stopped answering, but she kept on talking. He chuckled softly shaking his head wondering if Esme would inherit her mother’s nervous chatter or his quiet watchful nature. Well he didn’t care which. The chatter was endearing and he usually just listened to the sound of Melody’s voice and not her words these days and the quiet watchful nature would make her wiser. With this weird wacky world she would need to be slower in action and quick in thinking.
  • Melody stuck her head out of the bathroom. “Are you listening to me?”
  • He stood, tucking his shirt in his open tux pants, “Are you still talking about the launch party and how nervous you are that all goes well, that the food tastes great and we attract some big clientele to make it up to Allan for letting him down the first time?”
  • She raised a freshly shaped brow. “Yes.”
  • “Then no, I wasn’t paying attention.”
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