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Chapter 52

  • Chapter Fifty Two
  • Melody watched as Ruiz rushed out of the room without even a goodbye. It annoyed her sometimes when he did that. At this crucial moment he should have said bye, even given her a kiss in case Allan really did kill him. God why were they early?
  • She thought she had at least two full days to think up an explanation a way to appease her brother. She’d even pushed their predestined first meeting in sixteen months out of her head and concentrated on the launch party because she was sure she had time to fret and panic later. Unfortunately, later had arrived sooner than she’d anticipated and her husband had gone off to brave the storm alone. Why were they here so early?
  • She turned to Riana and demanded, “Why are you guys early?”
  • She’d gotten the shock of her life when Loraine, Riana and Amy busted into the room and attacked her with hugs. Amy only stayed a minute before Matthew called her out about…Melody couldn’t remember. She was so stunned by their presence that all she could do was scream.
  • “You’re two days early, why are you two days early?”
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