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Chapter 51

  • Chapter Fifty One
  • Ruiz watched Melody as she stepped out of the shower and reached for her terry robe. She looked beautiful while wet from head to toe. In the Bahamas, he spent more time starring at her wet bikini clad body that would be considered a grade higher than stalker appropriate. She was beautiful then but now, her post-baby body had filled out in all the right places. She looked even sexier. It had been a hell of a task keeping himself in check as he washed her.
  • “Ruiz, how long are you going to stay in there? Come out we have things to do.”
  • He watched her through the mirror as she dried her hair, the robe parted at the front to expose the ripe curves of her breasts. With a groan he pulled the shower door closed and turned off the hot water, increasing the cold.
  • “Shit!” he yelled when the icy cold water hit everywhere at once, cooling his body and his ardor.
  • “Are you okay in there?”
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