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Chapter 47

  • Chapter Forty Seven
  • He looked down at her for a moment with a sweet smile before he looked up again. “I was motivated.”
  • “By what?”
  • He shrugged. “The need to punish you, to get you back, to forget you, to annoy Antonio,” he chuckled. “Let’s just say I thought if we could revive the hotel together in the process we’d revive our relationship.”
  • Melody nodded, but something had her stumped. She stopped at the door to the pool and turned to Ruiz. “Why punish me? For getting involved with Antonio or for letting everyone down?”
  • He pushed the door open letting her go in first before he followed, her hand still in his. “Both, but mostly because you let the place fall apart. All I could think of was, I almost lost my sister and would have never met her, and you almost lost your brother because of this hotel and—”
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