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Chapter 46

  • Chapter Forty Six
  • They stopped at the Parc de Champs de Mars to rest—well, Ruiz rested, lying in the plush grass while Melody regrouped and tried to form a new plan to get him out of his funk. They’d practically toured the entire city and the sites that held appeal to him the first time around over a year ago just didn’t seem to have the same enticement. He looked bored at each place. What was left? Where hadn’t they gone yet?
  • Melody watched him and noticed he was gazing intently at something. She followed his line of sight to the Eiffel Tower. She turned back to him. His eyes were full of admiration for the aging beauty and the best part was they hadn’t been up it yet.
  • She stood up dusting her pants. “Let’s go up.”
  • He pushed himself up on his elbows and looked at her. “What?”
  • She pointed behind her with her thumb at the tall structure. “Let’s go up.”
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