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Chapter 35

  • Chapter Thirty Five
  • I really don’t need this right now, he thought as he stepped aside to let Melody in before he closed the door behind her. It surprised him when she held out his ring. He’d shoved it into his drawer after Cheri broke the clasp after pulling it from around his neck. He believed the broken clasp was a good thing because if he couldn’t wear it around his neck anymore. No longer having it close to his heart, it would help him get over Melody faster. But now he wore it on his finger to keep up pretences for his mother and it was scorching the skin under it. Why was he even going along with Melody’s charade?
  • “What kind of question is that? I haven’t seen my only child in close to two years and now I know why,” she glared at Melody before she turned back to him with a sweet smile.
  • Ruiz wasn’t sure who got it worse, Melody with the glare or him with the smile. The glare was genuine and the smile was as fake as all the smiles he’d received from her growing up. It hurt then when he realized his mother didn’t care for him as much as it hurt at that very moment. Sometimes he wondered if she could even stand his presence in her house let alone the mere sight of him near her. She despised his father and he got the distinct feeling that what she despised even more than having a child by the man who used her was the fact that Ruiz looked just like him.
  • Ruiz preferred to think he looked just like his big brother and ignored the rest, like where Reno got his looks.
  • “Mother, we both know that’s not true, what do you want?” he asked with more bite than he intended. He didn’t want to expose his hurt to either Melody or his mother.
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