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Chapter 31

  • Chapter Thirty One
  • Melody raised her hand to her cheek. She hadn’t realized she was crying, nor what she felt more, rage or hurt.
  • When he kept staring at her like a spoilt brat, she knew what she felt strongest—rage. She shot up with fists raised and murder in her heart. She punched at his chest, kicking and screaming at him. “How could you? How could you?”
  • He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “Basta! For fuck sake, can you behave like an adult for once?”
  • She pulled away from him. “Behave like an adult? Ha!” She slapped him pushing his head to one side then returned it with a back hand. “How is that for maturity?”
  • He touched his lower lip and that’s when she noticed she’d cut him. The diamond from her mother’s engagement ring did some serious damage judging by the bleed.
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