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Chapter 28

  • Chapter Twenty Eight
  • Melody was moments away from throwing the case out the window. They were back in the manager’s house and had been locked in her room for hours trying different combinations to open the briefcase to no avail.
  • “Are you sure we can’t pry it open with a knife?” she whined.
  • “Of course we can. Then we can take it back with a broken lock and hope he never notices,” Jackie replied sarcastically and Melody glared at her. “If we do that there would be no way of taking it back because he would know it was you.”
  • She was right, but. . . “We could always buy a new one and replace it.”
  • A condescending brow went up. “Of course, let’s do that. He’ll be less suspicious when he finds it open or when he tries to open it and his combination doesn’t work. Why didn’t I think of that?”
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