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Chapter 27

  • Chapter Twenty Seven
  • Ruiz looked at his watch for the hundredth time as their last interviewee walked out. Melody hadn’t joined them that day and he would like to think he had something to do with that. He smiled to himself, his mind flooding with the pleasures of the night before. As he had hoped, everything had gone well and stretched into the night in magical pleasure. Whatever she used to make her abandon him at night had taken a back seat last night and he was glad. Though he was worried because she’d always made it seem very important that she left to tend to whatever it was. He didn’t let himself dwell on that long. Soon she would tell him what it was that reserved her night and if it was nothing that threatened their future together he might just help look after it.
  • A future…God they were finally getting a chance to have a future together.
  • “This went a lot faster than when Melody was with us,” Jon Luc commented pulling Ruiz out of his reverie.
  • “Yes it did, but don’t tell her that. I’d like her to be involved with restoring this hotel to what it used to be and make it even better.”
  • “So you are not done punishing her?” Jon Luc asked with a raised brow.
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