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Chapter 24

  • Chapter Twenty Four
  • And just as she had expected, it knocked the wind out of her! His lips folded around hers in such possession, she feared for a moment they might bleed. He didn’t bother being gentle; it was like he couldn’t. All that he felt was released in that kiss and just like everything he did, it was intense, hard and made her weak in the knees. And when his tongue met hers, it was a duel that had her holding onto him otherwise she would have been on the floor in a putty mess! That kiss made her feel and un-feel—feel his love and un-feel her body, especially her legs! But she always retained feeling in her belly, the burning feeling of desire at the pit of it wasn’t one to be easily ignored.
  • He pulled away and under heavy lidded eyes and a mind that was still stuck in a fog, she watched him watch her, eyes ablaze with desire as if he was waiting for something. It took a few seconds for her head to clear and she realized that was what he was waiting for when his hands dropped from her arms. He was holding her up and with good reason. She’d smoked weed once during her experimenting days—one of those days she decided to add sex to that experimenting list and Allan had quickly disabused her of that by showing up at the motel before the deed was done—and the high was nothing like that kiss Ruiz occasionally bestowed on her.
  • His hands rose to her chest and she watched as he opened her blouse slowly, twisting each button with his thumb and index finger before he pushed them out of the hole, running his finger over her breastbone. She watched his do that with all twelve buttons her breath hitching each time his fingers caressed newly exposed skin. Once he had all the buttons done, he dragged his fingers up her exposed front. He ran his fingers along her collar bone as he pushed the shirt, parting it open stopping when he reached the pointy bone at her shoulders and letting the shirt hang there. He stared at the cream lace of her bra with such intensity, she was sure his gaze would make them disappear. She watched as his eyes darted between the two globes taking a few seconds on each before switching attention. He studied her then slowly drew his middle fingers down the swells of her breasts stopping where the lace of the bra began.
  • “Pretty, but unnecessary at the moment.” His voice was steady, but rough with desire. He reached for the front clasp of the bra and with one flick of his fingers it fell open, her breasts bouncing out of it. “That’s better.” He caressed her again and again he stopped right above her nipple. Her breath caught in anticipation, her body trembled in anguish as she waited for him to touch her where she craved it the most. Through her half mast eyes she caught his wolfish grin. He knew what he was doing to her, the torture he was caused her twisting insides when he drew circles around her areola but never touching her where she needed his course finger tips the most. He then finished the track by trailing his fingers down the under curve of her breast to the base.
  • “I like these. They are bigger. I loved how they spilled out of my hands that night.”
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