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Chapter 21

  • Chapter Twenty One
  • Ruiz watched the emotions play over her face. He wasn’t sure what her reaction would be to his surprise. He was so scared he would blow it he hadn’t said a word to her in the car. In fact he was oblivious to her mood the entire way to the restaurant. When he stopped the car and turned to her all nervous and excited, he finally realized she was throwing one of her quiet tantrum. He didn’t want to ruin the surprise so he stayed quiet forced himself to stay quiet. An entire day and night of secretly planning this wasn’t going to be ruined by what he knew would be a silly argument. And now seeing her face, he was glad he prevented an argument. The joy on her face reminded her of the night thirteen months ago.
  • They’d walked around for what felt like hours completely immersed in each other. Melody was laughing and crying a little—the waterfall had thankfully stopped at Jardin de Luxembourg—as she stared at her wedding ring. When they got to a fancy shopping strip on Avenue Montaigne, just steps from the Champs-Élyssés, L’Avenue came into view, Melody dragged him in. It was one of her favorite restaurants in Paris and though he would have preferred a hole in the wall kind of place and not the super swanky chic place, but he relented. It was a special occasion and the least he could do was have her wedding dinner at her favorite restaurant considering how casual the ceremony was. Melody ordered for the table, a pasta dish with morels and cream, and bibb lettuce salad with king crab, lime and olive oil. The food for lack of a better word was fantastic! And the apple tart, his mouth watered just thinking about it. It was so thin and crisp and the hot caramel on the side made it to die for. They ended up ordering another tart and stayed there talking for hours about their future—kids, where they would live and when and how they would break the news of their marriage to their family. Everything was so easy and wonderful then…he never saw the break up coming just after one month of wedded bliss.
  • “Ruiz, when did you do all this?”
  • Melody’s voice pulled him out of the past and brought him to the present. She had tears in her eyes and her smile wobbled. She looked beautiful, like the moment he slid the ring on her finger.
  • He caressed her cheek, drying it in the process. “Last night after you left and sometime this morning.”
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