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Chapter 2

  • Chapter Two
  • “Wake up sleepy head!”
  • Melody buried herself deeper under the covers, also covering her head to block out Ruiz and his loud voice. She clutched them tighter under her head when she felt him pull on them.
  • “Come on. Business is taken care of for the morning. Now it’s time to explore!”
  • “I need just a few minutes more,” she whined.
  • “What? You’ve slept well into the morning.” He yanked the covers away and Melody yelped quickly sitting up. “Time to wake up.”
  • “Ruiz, I’m cold.” She tried pulling the covers over herself again but he just rolled them up in a big ball and tossed them across the room.
  • With his hands on his hips and a smug smile on his lips he said, “Drink some coffee. That should warm you right up.”
  • She glared at him. “I wouldn’t be so cold if you hadn’t left so early in the morning taking your body heat with you and not turning up the heat.”
  • He was man enough to look ashamed. “No wonder the room was so chilly when I came back. Why didn’t you just get up and turn up the heat yourself?”
  • She hugged the pillow to her chest. “Too cold and the thermostat was too far.”
  • “You’re kidding!”
  • She shrugged, leaned her head on the top of the pillow she hugged and closed her eyes.
  • He chuckled. “You look so cute so disheveled. I should take a picture—”
  • Her eyes shot open and she turned to him. She jumped when he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and held it up. “No! Okay, I’m up, I’m up no pictures.”
  • “Sure? Riana and Loraine would love to see you look a mess. Especially Riana since she’s huge, uncomfortable and always disheveled. Come on, let me take just one to comfort the pregnant lady.”
  • “No!” she yelled, running into the bathroom and shutting the door behind her. She even made sure the lock was in place just in case he got a not so bright idea. She glared at the door when she heard him laugh. He’d thought he’d won. Well, she was just going to annoy him back—by taking an hour in the bathroom and another hour getting dressed. Ruiz hated waiting for her as she got ready. He said watching her pick an outfit then discard it before she decided on another was torture no man should have to endure.
  • Two hours fifteen minutes later, they were finally out of the suite and apparently she had failed in her revenge because Ruiz had spent that time working. He must have figured she would try to punish him for the way he woke her up. She pouted for a while until they got to the Ile de la Cité in the heart of Paris. She hoped Ruiz was taking her where she thought he was and wasn’t sure until they passed the Palais de la Cité, now known as La Conciergerie. She’d always wanted to see the Sainte-Chapelle church, run up the Grand Degres—the grand ceremonial staircase —and exit through the north flank and eastern apse, but there was never any time left in her previous trips. She would always save it for last, but whenever she was almost out the door to finally do it, Allan would get a call about some business that he’d have to fly back home or wherever to attend to immediately. She would beg for him to leave her behind, but he would adamantly refuse, even when she pouted and put on her best crying performance.
  • He always said he didn’t want what happened to the Larson girl to happen to her. It was only recently she found out the Larson girl was Loraine. Her new best friend was under the impression that no one except her immediate family knew what had happened to her, but somehow Melody’s brother found out too. But then again Allan always found things out no matter how well people thought they had hidden them. It served him well in business negotiations, especially when he took over or bought a company. He never told Melody what really happened to Loraine, just that she was alone in Paris with no one to help her when she got attacked. It only clicked that it was Loraine he was talking about when she told Melody of her ordeal—what she called her nightmare in Paris.
  • Once in front of the church Ruiz turned to her. “Forgive me yet?”
  • She nodded. “I’ve always wondered how much attention if any at all you paid to me when I spoke. Now I know that dazed look is you paying intent attention. Thank you.”
  • He chuckled. “That and your brother called me this morning and told me to make sure I bring you here but you’re still welcome.”
  • Melody went on her toes, pulling him down to meet her half way so that she could kiss his cheek. “A lesser man would have taken credit for it.” Then once fully on her feet she pinched the back of his neck.
  • Ruiz jumped away from her. “Ouch! And what was that for?”
  • “For admitting you do tune me out when I speak.”
  • He swept her up in his arms and Melody squealed when he spun her around then placed her back on her feet a step higher than him and yet she was still shorter. Her laugh got caught in her throat when she saw the change from amusement to desire in his eyes as he stared at her lips.
  • “Your lips drive me to distraction. You can’t blame me for being mesmerized by them, imagining when I get to kiss you next.”
  • She licked the said dried lips and swallowed hard when he leaned down to brush his against hers. “Especially when you do that. Total distraction,” he breathed seductively against her lips.
  • “Ruiz…” she gasped, quietly begging him to kiss her already.
  • “All the travel magazines say to fully appreciate the stained glass windows. They are magical on a sunny day.”
  • “Aha,” she responded absently reaching higher on her toes when it hit her. “Wait, did you just quote me to me?”