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Chapter 19

  • Chapter Nineteen
  • “Damn idiot!” Melody yelled as she filled the ice bag with ice. After just a few hours and seven new ex-employees, they’d had to cut the day short because one of them was rocking a broken jaw. “You didn’t have to punch him!”
  • “Are you kidding me!” Ruiz yelled from where he stood in the middle of the living room of his suite. “He insulted you.”
  • Melody rolled her eyes at that as she went to him. She’d gotten used to the insults, the rude innuendos. “Yeah and you broke his jaw for it—and the desk! Do you have any idea how much furniture costs?”
  • As she went to place the ice bag on his bloodied fist he yanked it from her grip and threw it on the table.
  • “He asked if you were fit to give it up yet!” Ruiz hissed angrily as he glared down at her.
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