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Chapter 17

  • Chapter Seventeen
  • “You’ve been in a bad mood this week Monsieur Albury.”
  • “I asked you not to call me that. Ruiz is just fine,” he grumbled standing and moving to the coffee tray. He’d much rather have something stronger but he couldn’t be sloshed on the first day of firing employees. He took a deep swallow of the dark strong liquid.
  • He hadn’t touched a drop the entire week or the need for him to be in Paris would amount to nothing. So he went with the first plan he came up with when he landed, he buried himself in work. It helped until he came up for air, then all he could do was stare at the spot he’d made love to Melody reliving each moment with aching clarity. He’d gone through all five boxes entering the information in his laptop. Some things, all legal, didn’t make much sense to him and he’d had to depend on Jon Luc’s expertise. He had no answer yet, seeing as how Ruiz had given him that information that morning, but no one could blame him. He needed to work to keep himself busy, but the things he needed Jon Luc to sort out had him at a standstill.
  • “Ruiz, I know you hired me to give you my legal expertise and nothing else but wars have been started over women for centuries. Don’t you think you should start your own little war?”
  • Ruiz shook his head in wonder, smiling for the first time in a week. “Why don’t you just say I should fight for my wife?”
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