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Chapter 13

  • Chapter Thirteen
  • Melody took several deep breaths to steady her nerves before she raised her hand to knock on Ruiz’s door. She’d almost not come after Antonio’s threat but Jackie had promised to look after Esme for a few hours. It broke her heart that she wouldn’t be there for Esme’s first bottle and the fact that she had to go on a bottle so young. She felt guilty, like she’d abandoned her. Jackie said those feelings were normal and she had nothing to be guilty about, but that didn’t change anything. A bottle was one of Esme’s little milestones and she wouldn’t be there to either help or see.
  • The door swung open and Jon Luc, Ruiz’s lawyer halted in his steps when he saw her. After a stunned moment, he smiled down at her. “Madame, I didn’t notice you’d knocked.”
  • Melody gave him half a smile.“I hadn’t.”
  • “Jon Luc, who is it?”
  • Melody’s heart leaped at his voice, but that little reaction was nothing compared to when Jon Luc stepped aside, exposing Ruiz. He stood in the middle of the room, barefooted on the wall to wall grey carpet, his shirt halfway undone one hand holding his cell phone the other a glass of what she could only guess as Jameson. Ruiz was a beer kind of guy, but he partook in a little whisky once in a while, especially when he felt stressed. He did have a lot to be stressed about, thanks to her.
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