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Chapter 5 You always seem to get into trouble

  • When Leah returned to her senses, she couldn't fully open her eyes. She even touched them to ensure the blurring wouldn't hurt them. She has her head in her hands because it hurts. She tried to remember what had happened the night before, but it was like she was a dead body coming back to life.
  • She ran to the bathroom to see if Amoux had bitten her. She combed through her hair and looked at the back of her neck. She was upset that she almost believed that Amoux had marked her, but she felt disappointed because he didn't bite her.
  • It isn't very easy.
  • Perhaps she's crazy to think that he will leave his mark on her...
  • She completely disregarded it because she didn't want to hurt herself any more about it and got ready to go back to the forest to look for a medicine that could be used to treat serious illnesses.
  • Richelle taught her that a wound or disease isn't always apparent to the naked eye. Leah knew what she meant even if she didn't say it outright. She doesn't need to see the wolves' bodies to know if they are sick. Even if their bodies are still strong, she can tell if their pulse is strong or weak. Or if the wolf is dying soon.
  • After she takes a bath, she puts on a coat that looks like Little Red Riding Hood's. She usually wears this when she walks outside to keep wolves and rogues from following her.
  • She grabbed her basket and was ready to leave when someone knocked on her door. Even though she really doesn't want to open it, she has to open it.
  • She opened her shaky door, which was about to fall. The sweaty face of the guy who had been here last night to summon Amoux caught her attention. She frowned as the beta took a big breath and gasped for air.
  • Surely… They need her aid again because some wolf has been hurt again.
  • Who is it this time to get him to have this horror face?
  • Before she could ask, the beta abruptly grabbed her hand and said what he wanted to say.
  • "The Lycan King himself has called you. He sent me here so you can heal Prince's wounds that aren't healing. Every time he tried to get his power back, his wounds got bigger and more severe—"
  • Leah didn't wait for the man to finish talking and immediately ran after hearing Amoux's name.
  • The guy shifted into a wolf and is now running right in front of her. She wouldn't mind going to Amoux if she could also figure out how to shift. She was still carrying the basket and wearing a red coat she had sewn herself.
  • Her heart beat faster as she could already see the palace.
  • When she walked in, she gasped when she saw Luna Rosette, who was mated to the Lycan, sitting next to her son while Amoux couldn't breathe. His eyes were closed, and his face showed how uncomfortable he was.
  • When Leah looked at his scars, she saw that they weren't like normal wounds. They have poison on them. She turned to the observers and saw that they were all looking at her.
  • *Lub… Dub… Lub….Dub*
  • As she heard Amoux's heartbeat slowing, her heart dropped to the bottom of the abyss.
  • "I will bow down to you as long as you save my son," Luna cried, taking Leah's hand.
  • She saw how worried she was about her son, and since she could still hear Amoux's heartbeat slowing, she removed Luna's hand, put it back on her lap, and turned her attention back to Amoux.
  • She was able to count and identify seven of his wounds. There is no specific medicine for those wounds yet, but there is the magic that can indeed save him. However, the risk of it is 9% over 100.
  • As a doctor who practices the forbidden magic of witches, she could transfer those wounds to her but will eat the span of her life. With that kind of poison tied up, she knew that if she took them all to save Amoux, they could steal her life span over many years.
  • It's also possible that she's not strong enough to take the pain since only a witch could make a poison like that.
  • But... what can she do? It's her first love... The only person she could call her family, even Amoux, hated her.
  • She could do anything for him.
  • She closed her eyes and put her hand on his chest to help her concentrate on what she was doing. She can feel the light getting into her chest as the room gets warmer.
  • When the two wounds were fixed, her leg started trembling, and her body was about to fall apart.
  • She opened one eye to watch Amoux's breathing. When she saw it was getting better, she let out a breath and closed her eyes again. She's already getting weak, so sweat is running down her neck.
  • When she had wholly healed his wounds, her eyes were already opening.
  • She saw that Amoux's eyes were wide open like a tiger now. Her neck and heart hurt, and her back felt like it was being burned by metal.
  • "I'm relieved..." she smiled.
  • As her body slowly fell and everything turned black, he grabbed the back of her body.
  • Even before the sounds stopped, she could hear his raspy voice, see his fangs come out, and see how he looked at her with his sharp eyes.
  • "You always seem to get into trouble…Thank you," the last sentence of Amoux had faded, and Leah's eyes had closed, not giving her the chance to hear it.