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Chapter 44

  • Richard’sPOV
  • Vanessa said yes! She was ready to be coronated with me as the Queen. Even though it took much persuasion and begging and arguments, she still ended up saying yes. I was thrilled and grateful she had said yes.
  • I watched as my whole family prepare for the coronation day, different clothes were brought in and Vanessa was getting too tired from picking a cloth for herself and also for Racheal from the thousands of clothes being brought to our place.
  • I didn’t mind if she had worn just a jean and a tee shirt or a simple gown, I would have been satisfied with just anything but because it’ll be the same day as our wedding day, I knew I have to care. I want her to be her best because it’ll be a memory that I’ll love to cherish forever.
  • The coronation ceremony was tomorrow, I was nervous and scared about the things that’ll have to happen now. I’ll have to leave my business to my dad to manage and I’ll have to live life as per the rules and regulations of the country as a Royal family. I’m scared the most for Vanessa and Racheal.
  • They’ll have to also neglect their normal lives and do things our way now.
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