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Chapter 42

  • Richard’s POV
  • We arrived at the Palace few days after and we were welcomed by my mom, dad and other important royal cabinet members.
  • My mom couldn’t stop gushing about Vanessa and her grandchild. I knew how much it was difficult for her to accept that the relationship between her and I might change after my biological mother had surfaced, still I didn’t let it bother me.
  • We were eating at the dining table when one of my uncles started up a conversation that he couldn’t finish.
  • “When are you going to meet up with your mother Richard?” Uncle Thomas was a distant relative. He was more of dad’s childhood friend than family. Even though I never had any string attached to him or any of his families, I had to respect him and knew he had to know his boundaries too.
  • “My mother is right here, so what are you talking about?” I purposely said that as I understood his question very well.
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