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Chapter 36

  • Vanessa’s POV
  • After Richard dropped me off at my apartment and drove off with Rachel to the amusement park, a part of me detected that something was wrong.
  • I had locked the door before leaving this morning and now the door was slightly open, I looked around to see if anything appeared strange or suspicious and when I couldn’t see any, I proceeded into the house.
  • Immediately I turned on the light, my eyes almost left his socket as a result of the shock that ran through my cold blood when I saw the state of my house, everywhere were turned upside down, it was as if a world war just broke out in my apartment.
  • I was about bringing my phone out of my clutch purse when I saw a movement just few minutes away from me, the shadow was reflecting from my kitchen. At that moment, I knew I had made a grave mistake by entering into the apartment.
  • I quickly turned to walk out of the apartment, I was almost by the door when a hand roughly pulled me back and slammed me against the opposite wall.
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