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Chapter 35

  • “Do you Michael O'Brien take Stephanie Smith as your lovely wedded wife, to love and to hold, to cherish and to respect till death do you part”
  • “I do” Richard replied grinning and the priest turned to the bride with a wide smile on his face.
  • Michael had managed to get me to understand the reason why he made his marriage a silent one. He had met Stephanie at a restaurant and they fell in love.
  • Can you believe it? Love at first sight and it took me months before I could fall in love with this man beside me and even the love ended up being an unrequited one. Sad right? Yeah, I know. Even after what had happened the other day, we both pretended it didn’t and went on with our lives like that. Though Richard have become a little touchy these days, still I ignored it and let him kiss my forehead, hold my hands and stuffs like that.
  • Steph and Michael’s love story is not as complicated as mine and the bride is even a princess of a small country somewhere in the world that I refused to know. Steph is all sweet and cute, she can make you fall in love with her within minutes and I think she'll be a really good friend. I'm really happy for them both right now.
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