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Chapter 29

  • Without thinking twice or thinking about what the outcome will be, I stood up from my seat and ran outside to meet up with Vanessa. Taking hold of her hand, I turned her to me to see the surprise on her face and the next thing I knew was her hand meeting my face: she slapped me.
  • I didn't flinch because I know I’ll still get kicked too and I don't care, all I want right now is to clear all this between us.
  • “I don't care if you hit me or slap me or even get me arrested Vanessa, all I want is for us to talk about this. Please, I need to know what happened that night, I want to hear it all from you, please”
  • She looked at me furiously for some seconds before replying.
  • “I need to be somewhere right now, maybe another time, I'll explain to you” she said and looked at her wristwatch. “I'll go with you anywhere you're going and after you're done, we'll talk about us”
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