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Chapter 28

  • Richard's POV
  • “The next step to take now is sue her, Richard. You need to take the custody of your child, you can't sit here all day and mop over the loss of a child to her mother who is refusing to let you have her. You're more than this Richard and you deserve better too. Sue Vanessa Decruz and get your daughter out of there”
  • After she had slammed the door in my face the previous day, I walked away from the house with all the strength left in me. Suddenly I felt too weak to drive home, too weak to sleep through the night, too weak to carry my office documents and take a look at them, too weak to attend the board of directors meeting, too weak to carry on with life. Vanessa had managed to shred me off the rest of energy left in me.
  • After my friend who also happened to be one of the company's lawyer, a friend I had managed to make within those three years of loneliness and agony, noticed that I was absent from the meeting, he quickly came over to my office to ask me what was going on. After I had explained everything to him, he decided suing her was the best option and the only option left.
  • “I don't want my daughter to get involved in that family mess, No, I can't let her have that memory growing up. She's too young for that” I rejected his offer.
  • “Maybe you should tell me the way out of this then”
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