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Chapter 27

  • Vanessa’s POV
  • Three years has passed since I had an encounter with death, that I survived a near death experience and three years, nine months, three days and two hours since I vowed never to have anything to do with the Prince or his family ever again.
  • After I was rescued that night by a God sent friend, I moved to Philadelphia with the little money I had, even though it was hard to get past the death of a child and betrayal from someone who I was just starting to trust, I didn’t have no other choice than to move on for my child.
  • Working minor jobs day and night, I was able to sustain my baby and myself for a while before I got a secretary job at the Malik’s group of company. That job sorted out most of my financial problems but emotional ones can’t be sorted with money.
  • I spent at least two years in Philadelphia before I got my transfer letter back to the place that I dreaded the most, where Richard resides. I didn’t have no other option that to go, if not ill definitely lose my job.
  • Moving back was hard because it took all the strength in me to go back to a place that I’ve vowed never to go back to. I didn’t make any close friend in Philly, so it was not hard parting with the few people I met there. I changed my name to Scarlet immediately I got to Philly because I wanted to leave everything behind.
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