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Chapter 21

  • Vanessa’s POV
  • "I was seven when I started noticing my mom's absence; she is out of the house before I wake up and I'm asleep when she gets back. For three years it continued that way with nannies and family members explaining to me that it was the workload. I can't even imagine how stupid they thought I was for them to give me those crappy lies. I believed them, I mean every of their words until one night. She came back home with dad in tow, they thought I was asleep already, I don't know what led to their fight but mom was complaining about dad's promiscuous ways, telling him she was tired of it all and if he pushed her too far, she'll end up revealing the truth and let the world know what my father was. You want to know what that secret is?"
  • We were both lying on the bed with our back and our eyes fixed to the ceiling as if the story was being played and Richard was the narrator, it reminds me of a school play.
  • After the emotional moments had ended, reality kicked back in as it dawned on me that my father was actually gone. My tears ended after Richard threatened to call the doctor to give me a sedative so I could sleep for three days nonstop, the threat did the magic. I don't really know why he's telling me his story right now, if he thinks this is making me feel any better, he's absolutely wrong, I feel sad a little bit for him
  • "Essa, are you sleeping?" His breath fanned the back of my neck as he leaned closer trying to check if I was sleeping
  • "No, I'm not and move back, I don't like you breathing on my neck" I pushed him back a little
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