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Chapter 57

  • Chapter Fifty Seven
  • “Loraine, please understand I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. I just wanted you to need me, to want me, to love me!”
  • She shook her head, even more confused. “Why would I need, want or love you when I’m married to Reno.” Loraine felt her heart jar in her chest. She took a few more steps away from him. “Before…the first time he attacked me…that’s what he meant? The princess always falls in love with her knight after he saves her, that’s what you were expecting, wasn’t it?”
  • Jeb moved toward her, his arms open in invitation. “At first, I loved you like you were my own child. You were such a vibrant and happy little girl, before they stole that from you. And then you grew up into this beautiful young lady and that love changed.” He caressed her cheek with his fingers and she quickly slapped his hand away. “When your father made me your personal bodyguard, it felt like destiny. Fate was bringing us together.”
  • He went to touch her again and she slapped his hands away. Once she’d loved his hugs because they were a strong substitute to her father’s. Now knowing the sentiments behind them, what he was thinking while he held her…it made her skin crawl!
  • “I was fifteen years old Jeb! You are old enough to be my father!”
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