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Chapter 51

  • Chapter Fifty One
  • “Georgia, what are you doing here and where is what’s-his-name? That guy you married just weeks after our wedding. Does he know you are here?” Reno demanded, moving to stand next to Susan.
  • On cue, like the actress she was she began to cry, with tears and everything. “Reno, my love, they won’t let me in. She says it’s your wedding to her daughter. Why would you do this to me after I gave you a son, especially since we are still married?”
  • Susan gasped, turning to look at him. It took everything in him to keep his cool especially when Georgia gave him a sardonic smile, quickly covering it with more wailing when Susan turned to her.
  • “Reno, would you please explain yourself,” Susan spoke with a frightening patient voice.
  • “This woman and I were married, but as of four months ago, I became a free man.”
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