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Chapter 49

  • Chapter Forty Nine
  • Riana nodded pushing him off the couch. “Now go back and finish getting Loraine dressed before my brother comes in here.”
  • He sighed. “Okay, time to create another fairytale. I’m going to make you look like an angel, Loraine. Reno won’t know what hit him, just wait and see.”
  • An hour later, Gil had done just that. Loraine stood in front of the full length mirror, completely dressed and tongue-tied. The gown was an umpire waist flowing chiffon gown with a sweetheart cut. She wore no jewelry except for the string of beads that hung over her forehead and disappeared into her hair, braided from both sides of her head and meeting at the bottom of her neck with just wisps of it hanging over her ears. She couldn’t remember the last time she wore so little make up. Usually, when she did wear makeup, it was in different shades of bold colors, but the natural look made her look almost virginal. But there was something missing.
  • “What about shoes?” she whispered, like she was afraid if she spoke louder she would raptor the dream because all this just had to be a dream.
  • Amy, Melody, Riana and Gil stepped into view of the mirror. They were all in lavender and white gowns. Gil had a lavender shirt and white pants. They were also with no jewelry and very light makeup. Gil was very specific on the ladies look—angelic.
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