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Chapter 47

  • Chapter Forty Seven
  • “I know I haven’t done right by you and your mother for a long time and I’m trying to change that. It’s been a long time since I recognized not only myself but your mother too. I’ve made mistakes and I promise to right them…but right now isn’t the time for that honey.” Her father responded his excitement rolling off him in huge waves.
  • She knew she should let it go, but that explanation wasn’t enough for her. There was too much disappointment to get over and she needed to be sure this wasn’t just an act. It would kill her if they were dangling her biggest fantasy in front of her eyes only to yank it away. If this were a set up…she wouldn’t be able to handle the fall.
  • Loraine blinked away treacherous tears. She hadn’t cried in front of her parents over this and she wasn’t going to start now. “What was your incentive?”
  • He signaled to Reno with a nod of his head. “Your man here. He told me if I disappointed you again, I’d never see you again and that just isn’t an option for me.”
  • “Why?”
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