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Chapter 46

  • Chapter Forty Six
  • Loraine watched her mother with Tyler on her lap as they ate in the midst of laughter and conversation. Well, her mother laughed as Tyler got rib sauce all over himself and her. Loraine hadn’t been sure what to expect when Tyler patted her cheek, leaving a print of his little hand. She’d watched her mother with bated breath, praying she wouldn’t over react. Her mother had laughed, not even bothering to wipe it off. Instead she painted her lips with the same sauce and kissed both Tyler’s cheeks leaving a print of her lips. Tyler rewarded her with a smile and a kiss of his own and Loraine could swear she saw tears in her mother’s eyes.
  • She never thought she’d ever see this woman again—carefree and too happy to sweat the small stuff.
  • When Susan had asked her for a makeover, Loraine jumped on that fast in case she changed her mind. She had her mother remove her contacts and used the left over hair dye to darken her blonde hair to a chestnut shade, and then she let it dry on its own for natural curls. Seeing her mother for the first time as herself in twenty years, Loraine couldn’t hold off the tears even if she wanted to. The next thing they did was change her out of her skirt suit and into t-shirt and jeans.
  • When she’d walked in the crowded room the first thing Reno said was, “Wow, Lori, your mom rocks those jeans way better than you do.” Any other day she would have smacked him over the head but she understood what he was doing. Her mother had looked so uncomfortable before Reno said that and taking his brother’s lead, Ruiz dropped a few lines of his own, giving her one of his seductive smiles. Her mother had rolled her eyes and good naturedly flirted back until her father came into the house. When he saw her, he didn’t say a word, just walked right back out and disappeared.
  • That pissed Loraine off, but she didn’t give her mother time to think about it. She pulled her into the kitchen where the other ladies were, to distract her. They had fun, teasing the two pregnant women—Amy and Riana—as they cooked. She loved cooking beside her mother. It was one more memory with her she wouldn’t forget.
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