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Chapter 41

  • Chapter Forty One
  • Loraine felt him stiffen around her and she knew he was beyond shocked. She just hoped he wouldn’t judge her; it was the reason she had never told her parents. She didn’t want to take the risk of being judged, especially by her grandparents. They would only blame it on her mother like they did everything else.
  • “What did you say?” he whispered, a noticeable strain in his voice.
  • “We met in the hotel lobby and started going out. It was great and I thought I was in love, my own romance novel come true. But I wouldn’t go to bed with him. I was still a virgin and I needed to be sure because that was one decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.” She shrugged. “I guess he got tired of waiting and you know the rest. That night he was a complete stranger to me, not the guy my young heart went pitter patter over.”
  • His arms tightened around her, his breathing harsh as his chest heaved. He was furious with her.
  • “I’m sorry.” She tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let her go.
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