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Chapter 39

  • Chapter Thirty Nine
  • “I’m sorry buddy for being such a—” he caught himself before he cursed, “I was such a dudu head and I promise to make it up to you.” He kissed Tyler’s temple. “We have a lot to thank your mommy for. I just hope she’ll love tomorrow’s surprise. I hope you do too.”
  • Tyler sighed, turning his head and rubbing it on Reno’s shoulder before he settled into sleep again.
  • “Okay, I guess I’ll put you down now before your mom comes in and scolds me for disturbing you.” He laid Tyler down, pulling the covers up around him. He sat down next to him and watched him for a while.
  • Just remembering how excited he was steering the ship’s wheel made him smile.
  • At first, Tyler had been quietly sitting on Reno’s arm as they pushed out of dock, round brown eyes watching the water ripple behind them like he was expecting it to jump a few feet higher, pull him out of Reno’s arms and drag him under to the belly of the ocean. But after a few minutes of playing pirates with Loraine he’d wanted a turn on the wheel, and there Reno and his son bonded over water vessels and the love for his yacht Cora’s Heart, named after his mother.
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