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Chapter 38

  • Chapter Thirty Eight
  • She came round and stood before him, cupping his face in her hands. “I wasn’t done talking. Yes, it was long, but considering Georgia had over three years, you have little to be ashamed about. You are here and you are making up for it.” She smiled up at him and he sighed at the comfort it gave him. “He wasn’t even scared when he came onboard. I was expecting the water works when we set sail but that didn’t happen either.”
  • Reno smiled with little humor. “You sound disappointed.”
  • She shook her head. “No. I sound proud, and I feel it too. The first time I took him outside the house and sat in the sand, I had to have Ruiz and Melody as backup. He wouldn’t leave otherwise. The same with when we went into the water, he cried so hard, I wanted to cry.”
  • Reno pressed his lips on her forehead, falling in love with her a little bit more. “It’s hard to believe that after I saw him in the water today. I was scared he would be carried away by the waves.”
  • “You’re welcome,” she announced with a raised brow.
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