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Chapter 32

  • Chapter Thirty Two
  • Reno stomped all the way to the resort in a haze of anger. How could Loraine disobey him! What the hell did she think she was doing, claiming a kid that wasn’t even hers? Hell, there was a possibility the kid wasn’t even his and he just looked like Reno out of coincidence. Even if Tyler was his, Loraine had no right to make that kind of decision for him.
  • What was Reno going to do with a three year old?
  • He remembered the look on his face the moment he and Loraine walked into the house. Fear and hope. Fear because he was in a strange place surrounded by people he didn’t know. Reno understood that but not the hope. Well, he didn’t then. But after Loraine’s announcement it was a no brainer.
  • The kid wanted parents; people to love and cherish him and Loraine had granted him that wish.
  • Reno could hear the desperation in his voice when Tyler asked Loraine to be his mother and his joy when she said yes. He’d have to be heartless not to notice, but that didn’t mean he wanted to be a father.
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