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Chapter 31

  • Chapter Thirty One
  • Her blush deepened. “I like him, but I want Allan to like him more than I do before I let it get further than what it is now.”
  • Loraine smirked. “Don’t hold your breath. You are his baby sister and now that he’s a father to a little girl, he’s going to be impossible. What does Ruiz think?”
  • She shrugged. “As long as we keep the intimacy light, he’s willing to wait until Allan is comfortable with him as his brother-in-law then as the guy dating his sister, before things get serious.”
  • Loraine smiled noticing that same glimmer in her eyes that she noted in Riana’s and hopefully was present in her own. Fairy tale love that makes one think that magic exists in the world. She just hoped she still had that glimmer once Reno gets his head out of his ass.
  • “So, what are you going to do now Loraine?” she asked somberly.
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