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Chapter 27

  • Chapter Twenty Seven
  • Loraine wasn’t exactly sure what to say as she stood there, staring down at the little person sitting on the couch partially hidden by Melody’s body. She hadn’t believed it when Reno told her about his phone conversation with Ruiz that had visibly rattled him on their way back to the resort. But now as she stared at him at his beautiful little face that was the miniature version of his father, there was no doubt that this was Reno’s son.
  • A whirlwind of emotions bombarded her but one stood out prominently—jealousy. Not of the boy but of his mother. She’d actually dreamed of giving him his first kid, his first son.
  • The past few days with Reno had made her want a number of things, hope for many more as she excitedly planned for a future that at the moment looked bleak. Had Georgia come back? Was she hoping for reconciliation with Reno? Why else would she bring their son to him?
  • Is this where I lose Reno?
  • Just the thought of the possibility made her stomach plummet.
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