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Chapter 26

  • Chapter Twenty Six
  • Loraine and Jake were quietly laughing in the kitchen as they listened to Gil pepper Reno with questions. The inquest had started with safe questions about the resort, and then he very loudly asked Reno’s sexual preference to the current topic of his intentions for Loraine. Reno answered all of them with a laugh in his voice and never once got defensive or irritated. It was amazing how easy going he was. “I’m so glad he’s not a bigot. Not very many straight guys would be comfortable sitting and drinking with Gil, let alone being pawed the way I did,” Jake commented, watching them through the window in the wall that faced the living room.
  • “I’m glad too. Except for cheating spouses, he’s very easy with everything else. I kinda love him,” she blushed pouring lemon juice into the chicken souse.
  • Jake’s smile grew into a grin. “I’m so glad you said that. I always thought you’d be too traumatized to even consider an intimate relationship. And if you did, it would be with a guy who wasn’t a giant!” He pointed to Reno over his shoulder with his thumb. “Clearly I was wrong about that, too.”
  • “When he holds me I feel safe. Like nothing bad could touch me ‘cause he’d always be there to protect me.” She shrugged adding salt and hot pepper to the pot. “It may sound I but Pierre hasn’t haunted me since the day I first slept in his arms.”
  • “I noticed you haven’t broken into a cold sweat after saying his name. So why are you still hiding behind the blonde hair and blue eyes?”
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