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Chapter 21

  • Chapter Twenty One
  • Loraine stirred the conch chowder soup, staring at Reno from under her eyelashes, fighting a smile. He stood across from her slicing coconut bread fresh from the oven. It was funny how careful he was being, holding the bread with two fingers because he didn’t want to rub off the powdered sugar that didn’t stick as the bread cooled. If it wasn’t for her, she was sure he would have probably ripped it apart with his bare hands.
  • They’d had a great day touring the city on scooters. They rode one together because just as she started the engine, the bike jumped forward and she almost got knocked down by a crazy driver. Well, it didn’t help that the scooter practically flew into the car’s path. The near miss shook her, but when she saw the fear in Reno’s eyes when he yanked the bike back and out of the way, how tight he hugged her, almost turning into road kill had been worth it.
  • Worth it because she saw how much he cared about her, especially after what had happened between them the night before. And then he had to ruin that by spanking her and telling her to watch where she was going. Then he told her they were riding one scooter because he didn’t trust her not to get herself killed.
  • Of course she pouted and complained because that was what he would expect from her before she plopped down behind him on the scooter. But truly, she was looking forward to wrapping her arms around his structured abdomen and her thighs cradling his thick muscular ones. What sane woman wouldn’t? So while he drove them around the city, pointing out buildings and parks he wanted her to admire, she cuddled against him and instead fanaticized about their next sexual encounter.
  • They were on a Harley and he was a bad boy biker with tats all over his Adonis body, and piercings all over his face, including his tongue and lip. He’d be dressed in black leather pants and jacket, and a black vest that used to be a t-shirt before he ripped the neckline and the sleeves off. And she, she was fresh out of Catholic school, where she was sent to in the first place because she made the mistake of confiding her crush for the bad boy to her mother, virginal and innocent, looking forward to experiencing the world in his hands. He’d drive them to a secluded place, open with nothing but tall grass and scattered trees. That’s where he’d easily seduce her, strip her slowly and do wicked things to her body with his pierced tongue and lips. Have her coming so hard her spin would snap backwards and that when he’d turn his attention back to her breasts as he stripped himself slowly until he stood before her in all his glory. Then he’d lift her up onto the motorcycle, spread her legs wide enough for him to fit and animatedly strip her of her innocence, his tongue in her mouth mimicking the movement of his other glorious part of his body inside her that would turn her into a wanton hussy. After a few earth shattering hours in positions she never thought possible on top of a bike, they’d lay on a short patch of grass on a blanket, covered from the waist down with his heavy leather jacket and she’d dream of a fairytale future while he would think about their more practical future.
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