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Chapter 20

  • Chapter Twenty
  • Reno sat on the bed and watched Loraine as she slept, the guilt of what he did ripping him apart. He didn’t even know why he did what he did; he hadn’t been thinking. He needed a distraction from the guilt his nightmare had brought on and Loraine was right there.
  • He’d taken her, fucking her hard without a care for her until the last moment when she cried out his name. He’d realized then what he was doing and with whom and brought it to a quick end, bringing her to release before he found his own. His orgasm had been better than all his encounters before put together. He knew sex with Loraine would be incredible but he never expected that.
  • He’d held her afterwards, and once his ass started to go numb from the cold floor, he carried her to bed and held her as they both slept. And when morning came and he went to take a shower, he realized two things. He hadn’t used a condom and there was blood on his dick.
  • When he saw the blood, there was a moment of apprehension, then relief. If she was a virgin it meant that Loraine hadn’t been raped, as he’d feared. Which begged the question, what did that monster do to her to give her such horrific nightmares. And how is it that Crazy Lori was still a virgin? It didn’t fit with her eccentric character or the stories Riana told him about the best friend who majored in partying in NYU.
  • She began to stir, moving closer to him. He smiled, loving that she sought him out in her sleep. He stroked her hair, reliving the wild sex they had the night before. Her blue eyes had shone violet when she’d come. It was beautiful and made him wish that was her natural eye color.
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