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Chapter 16

  • Chapter Sixteen
  • Reno was dragged out of bed by the beautiful aromas that came from his kitchen. No one had ever used the area before except for the microwave and fridge. Everything that was in the kitchen was put there by the interior decorator he had hired. Even though he knew he was never going to use any of those appliances because he had his meals at the resort or brought from the resort kitchen, he still wanted it. He wanted to know how it felt to have something, not because he needed it but just because he could afford it.
  • Georgia couldn’t cook a lick and he couldn’t trust Riana with any of the appliances, especially the knives, during her depression. So who was cooking? Loraine or Melody? Though they were the only two possible choices, he was a little skeptical that either of them even knew what a skillet looked like. Table cutlery sure, they dined like royalty because they were wealthy, but if they knew the difference between a curving knife and a saw was something he doubted very much.
  • Reno leaned against the separating wall between the kitchen and the living room and watched as Loraine moved around the kitchen still in the shirt he’d dressed her in the night before like it was a normal part of her routine. She actually looked like she belonged in there more than he did.
  • Reno felt his heart lurched as he watched Loraine more carefully, completely oblivious of his presence. She did look like she belonged there, just like in his bed. It had been wonderful slipping into the bed next to her and watching as she unconsciously rolled toward him until she had herself tucked into his side and under his arm.
  • He realized at that moment it had never felt natural sharing a bed with Georgia. He’d never felt at home in his ex-wife’s embrace in bed or anywhere else they were together because Georgia never felt like a wife. He’d always thought that titled belong to a woman a man chose to spend his life with. He’d understood marriage as a commitment not to be taken lightly, a partnership with strict rules of operations because he was a grown man in command of all his faculties. Making a choice to enter into it with the woman he loved and was a hundred percent sure he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life, forsaking all others.
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