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Chapter 15

  • Chapter Fifteen
  • “Hey, bro.” Ruiz slapped Reno’s back as he took a seat next to him at the dining table.
  • Reno grunted his reply, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. It had taken a while before he fell asleep. He kept on waiting for Loraine to wake up screaming again but she slept peacefully, her body wrapped around his just like the first time they’d shared a bed. And that time too he had kept a vigil watch over her.
  • “How’s Loraine?”
  • Reno rubbed the back of his neck wishing he didn’t have to go to work that morning. He needed a few hours of sleep, but he couldn’t do that. It wasn’t in him to miss work and the only time he had was the three days he was in Rome for Riana’s wedding. The fear of going back to the life he had was enough to keep him working from sun up to sun up. And his studiousness had paid off because La Paraiso was now the most sought after resort at the Cable beaches.
  • When he had inherited it, it had been in the red with no prospects of ever recovering but he had done everything in his power to build it into what it was today. He’d been a waiter, a driver, a janitor. Every job that needed doing in his short staffed resort he had taken it on himself. He had applied for a loan to refurbish and promote the resort three times and every time it had been denied. Then he devised a plan to have the bank manager visit the place and had waited on him hand and foot, taking every opportunity to explain his vision to his guest. The least he could do was listen in exchange for a free weekend stay. Then early the next Monday morning, his efforts had paid off.
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