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Chapter 13

  • Chapter Thirteen
  • Loraine wasn’t sure exactly what kind of reception she would receive from Reno. More than disgust, she dreaded being pitied and it truly surprised her when he spoke to her like that night never happened. She was speechless, watching that come hither smile play on his lips like they were back to their seductive banter.
  • The man should have been an actor, not even his eyes gave him away.
  • “Ah, Melody has some business with you and I thought I’d tag along for a free vacation.”
  • Reno nodded, looking behind her for a moment before his eyes settled on her again. “Did she tell you why she’s here?”
  • Loraine wasn’t sure how Melody wanted to handle brokering the subject with Reno so she thought best to keep that information to herself and be as vague as possible.
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