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His Baby Mama

His Baby Mama

Erotic writer

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • "I don't drink," Camila said to her best friend. They were both sitting at the bar in one of the most popular club.
  • "Come on Camila! Don't be such a baby!" Her best friend, Anita said to her. She was trying to drug Camila because she didn't want to sleep with that old man her father was marrying her off too.
  • "Stop forcing me, Anita. I don't want to" Camila said back to her as she took a sip of her water.
  • "Okay... Then I'll just order a soda for you" Anita said to her. If she couldn't get Camila to drink alcohol, she'll get her to drink a soda after she drugged it. Anita signals the bartender over and ordered a soda for her friend.
  • "I'll be back," Camila said and Anita smiled. She knew the water she gave Camila would make her use the washroom giving her enough time to put the drug in her drink.
  • "Here you go mam," the bartender said as he brought the drink to her and she smiled at him before he left. Looking around, she made sure no one was looking at her before she took out a little container with the drug inside and pour some into Camila's soda.
  • She quickly closed it back before stufing it in her back gain and looked to the direction Camila had gone in and saw her walking back towards her. Camila smiled at her before she tooka seat in the stool and checked her phone.
  • "Oh, here your drink" Anita said and pushed it closer to Camila.
  • "Thank you" Camila thanked her before taking a sip from it and went back to her phone. Anita watched Camila and made sure she drank every bit of the cola and was surprised because it didn't take too long for her to be affected by the drug.
  • "Anita take me home. I don't feel well" Camila said while massaging her painful head. She was unable to see clearly by now and had a very painful headache. She just wishes to be home, cuddled in her bed.
  • "Come on then. I'l take you home" Anita said and helped Camila up. She took her upstairs in the club where there are some private rooms and searched for room 1006. It was very dark where they were and she couldn't see properly so when she saw the door that looked like the number 1006, she opened it and took Camila inside.
  • "Am I home now?" Camila asked. Camila wasn't feeling better. She only felt worst, as if she was slowly dying.
  • "Yes, I'l leave now" Anita responded to Camila and quickly rushed out of the room before the fat, old man caught her.
  • But what she didn't know was she that took Camila to the wrong room.
  • *******
  • Meanwhile, Damon had just arrived at the club. His best friend Ian forced him to come out but little did he know that his friend lan was setting him up.
  • "Let's go inside bro!" Ian said while he walked past Damon and showed the security guards his ID before entering. Damon followed behind and soon entered. Eyes immediately met him as women dressed in provocative clothes send lustful stares at him but he ignored them as he followed lan to the bar. They both ordered whiskey and slowly sipped on it as Damon's eyes roamed around the room. lan tried to get Damon drunk but he knew that was impossible because he could handle any alcohol thrown at him without getting drunk. So, he found another way to get Damon to have fun and lose himself after a long time.
  • "Follow me, Damon. I have a surprise for you" lan said and got up. Damon watched him suspiciously but stilled followed him after hesitating. Walling to the VIP party, upstairs, lan lead him to room 1009.
  • "What's inside?" Damon asked now standing in front of the door.
  • "See for yourself" Ian said with a smirk. He has already ordered a prostitute to come to room 1009 to have a little fun with Damon even though he knew Damon would push the woman away and leave. It's worth a try.
  • Glancing at lan, Damon turned around before entering the room. He was met with sudden darkness, only a dim light shining in the room giving the room only a little light.
  • "What's in-" He didnt even get to complete his sentence as lan closed the door from outside and locked it. "Enjoy my brother!" lan laughed before he smirks and walked away.
  • Meanwhile, Damon was burning with anger. This guy! I should have known !!"Damon thought in his mind as he bangs the door and tried to open it but failed.
  • "landlord? Is that you ?! "A feminine voice was suddenly heard and Damon stopped before he turned around to see who was speaking.
  • " I pay you tomorrow! Go away! "He heard the voice again shouted and he slowly walked towards when the sound was coming from. Ad he got closer toward the voice he stopped when he felt he was close to her.
  • "Who are you?" His voice was suddenly heard. It echoed in the room.
  • Camila trembled when she heard the man speak and thought she was in danger. "Thief Thief! Someone help me! A Thief has broken into my house!" She yelled out am Damon somehow found his hands to her mouth. Only muffled could be heard as he covers her mouth and she tried to yell. "Helfff !!!"
  • "Can you be quiet?!! I'm not a thief!" Damon asked her. He was annoyed by her. Pulling away from her, she stood up and he tried to get a good look at her face but couldn't. All he knew was that she was a very pretty girl. He just knew it.
  • "What are you doing in my house then?" She asked him and he looked at her confused.
  • "What is she talking about? "Damon thought as he looked at the girl in front of him. He watched as she began fanning herself and suddenly began to take of her clothes.
  • " It's so hot in here! "The girl said and Damon just stood there shocked as he watched the girl strip out of her clothes.
  • He was now looking at the girl's body. She was only in her bra and underwear. She had soft curves that made her look beautiful yet sexy and.. empting.
  • "Aren't you hot ?!" He heard her asked and he felt her hands on his arm.
  • "Put your clothes back on," Damon said as he turned away. He couldn't see her body properly but he was getting turned on.
  • "But I'm hot," the girl said as she crossed her arms around her chest and Damon tried his best not to look at her. She wasn't even his type nor the type of girl he was expecting to turn him on but here he was turned on.
  • "I said put your clothes back on!" Damon raised his voice while he looked at her from the corner of his eyes.
  • "It's too hot!" She said and didn't bother listening, instead began taking her bra off hen her He couldn't do this anymore. Turning to her, he smashed his lips on her and wrapped his arms around her as she kissed him back. He couldn't understand how he can be so turned on quickly by such a woman.
  • ******
  • The next morning Camila woke up early with a headache. She almost screamed when she opened her eyes and saw a man lying next to her. They were both naked. The room was still dark so she couldn't see his face that good but she knew he was some kind of businessman. She slept with a businessman! Slowly getting up, she quickly slipped on her clothes and turned the doorknob. The door was opened. Opening it, she quickly dashed out of the club before the man could wake up. In between her legs hurt, her head hurt and her heart hurt. She still couldn't believe she slept with a man! She lives alone and doesn't have to worry about parents asking when have you been or anything but she had neighbors who like to gossip. So she had to slowly and sneakily entered the house without anyone knowing.
  • Meanwhile back at the club, Damon got up with a splitting headache and quickly turned to his right to see the woman's face he longed to see since last night but was met with an empty bed. He wasn't drunk or nothing so he remembers everything that took place last night and only curses himself for not having control last night.
  • Camila thought she should just forget about it but what happened next will change her life forever.
  • ★9 months later★
  • Camila couldn't believe she was pregnant and nine months later giving birth to the child. She was humiliated by her neighbors and other people because of that and didn't see Anita after the night at the club.
  • "Okay, Ms. Davis! You need to push. On the count of three. One two.. three" the doctor shouted and Camila grabbed unto the bed sheet before pushing with all her strength and screaming in pain when she felt the baby coming out of her.
  • "One... two three," the doctor said again and Camila pushed again with tears in her eyes.
  • "Okay, Ms. Davis, we see the head. One last time. One two three!" The doctor shouted and she pushed with all her strength before the cries of a newborn baby could be heard.
  • "Congratulations! It's a boy!" The doctor said to her before cleaning the baby and handing in carefully to its mother. Camila looked at her baby with love and smiled to herself as tears escape her eyes. she didn't had anyone to celebrate with her since her parents died long ago and she has no siblings and don't know where the rest of her family was so she decided to celebrate her new baby boy arrival into the world when she's out of hospital with her son.
  • **************
  • One week later
  • Camila son was now one week old. She decided to make dinner today since she usually stop by a fast food restaurant and buy take aways. So setting her sleeping baby down on his very own bed, she went to the kitchen and began preparing dinner. In the midst of preparing dinner, there was a suddenly cry coming from her son so she left what she did and began heading to the room but she noticed as she was walking, her baby's cry got quiter at quiter. She speed up her pace and quickly entered the bedroom only to see an empty bed.
  • What? This couldn't be happening !! Is this a dream ?! She began to panic as she ran out side and began looking for her child while crying
  • "My baby! Someone took my baby !!" She contacted the cops and they told her they'll look for him and contact her if they find any information about her baby but for days she waited no information. She decided to search for him herself but failed. No hope left She was all alone now She was left traumatized ..
  • Meanwhile Anita held Camila crying baby in her arms. She found out the next day after she drugged Camila that the old man she's suppose to marry waited for her to show up but never did.
  • She then realized send Camila to the wrong room. But which room if not 10062. 1009 !! She later went and found out who stayed in room 1009 the same night and found out it was .. Damon Alexander the billionaire! Camila slept with Damon Alexander! She was more than jealous by now. She wanted to sleep with him for a long time now! But instead, Camila got the chance! Then one day Anit saw Camila walking by with a big tummy. She looked at Camila far away, confused but then it hit her. Camila was pregnant not only pregnant but pregnant for Damon Alexander. She was sure it was Damon's child because Camila only slept with him and she knew Camila would never sleep with anyone. Only Damon because she drugged her. Anita became scared. What if Camila give birth to the baby then go to Damon and tell him it's his child and become rich? She was sure that Camila knew it was Damon's child.
  • She had to do something! She wanted to be rich for a while! She needs to do something! So 9 months later she decided to steal Camila's baby and took a taxi to the Alexander's house. Her plan was to tell Damon she was his child mother and that was his child. Then he'll accept her and she'll be rich forever.
  • Pulling up at the Alexander's house, she took a deep breath and rang the door bell. One of the maids answered and then told her to come inside when she told the maid why she was here. Damon mom, dad and him sat in the living room with her and she explained everything to them while faking a cry. They listened to what she had to say then decided to take a DNA test on both of them since it was unbelievable.
  • The DNA test result showed that the child was indeed Damon's own but not the woman standing in front of him. Anita got scared because of that and regret ever coming to his house. They asked her where the child's real mother was and she lied to him because she still didn't want Camila to be rich a live better than her. She was too jealous. She told them that she found the baby on the road and it resembled him a lot and they eventually believed that because they had not evidence or proff that the child was not found on the road or anywhere else.
  • Damon raised and looked after his son as he grew. Making sure he was spoiled and had the best education in the world. But he still wonders if the mother of his son is somewhere out there.