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Chapter 96

  • “ Oh my God! Everything is still the same, nothing has changed.." Ji-a was saying while still looking out the window.
  • The place, truth be told, is actually a dump, the whole neighborhood is dirty and unkept. It's hard to believe here is actually part of South Korean. It's hard to imagine people living here really and very, very hard to believe that someone as beautiful and pretty as Ji-a came from here. Anyways I am glad she is mine now, she won't ever have to suffer in her life again, she won't have to live in a place like this.
  • “ Are you sure we are at the right place? "
  • I asked, of course I know we are at the right place but I just wanted to get her attention for just a minute.
  • “ Yeah, we will soon be there. " She replied then turned around to face me.
  • “ But is it really necessary to come with all the escorts? The children and people here might get scared and frightened when they see men with guns. "
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