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Chapter 80

  • Well with all that, there is nothing really I can do, the man says he is not selling, I can't possibly force him to sell.
  • I was about to tell Ji-a we should leave the shop, when I noticed a sad look on her face and I knew it was because we couldn't get the jackets and caps.
  • She obviously likes them and I knew at that moment that it's not possible for me to leave the shop without the jackets and caps, there was no way I was going to let Ji-a remain sad.
  • “ I don't want anything else except those jackets and caps, and you must sell them to me. "
  • I said and the owner of the shop gave me this look, like I was running mad or something.
  • “ I have told you young man, they ain't for sale, there is nothing that's going to make me sell them to you, nothing! " He reaffirmed.
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