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Chapter 77

  • Byung-ho should respect that, if she had chosen him instead of me, although it would hurt like hell, I would have let her go with her heart's desire, which is him, because to me her happiness matters first than my feelings for her.
  • If she will be happy with him then I will just have to live with that, but now she is happy with me and there is nothing anyone could do to change that.
  • I know it hurts but Byung-ho has to understand this and respect Ji-a's decision...
  • ” I can't say if you have hurt him, the only person who has hurt him here is me, I have hurt him a lot, but if there is anything I know about my best friend Byung-ho, is that he is a good person and has a heart of gold. He might be hurting now but I am sure he will come through soon enough and everything will return back to how it was, the three of us being good friends. "
  • I said, trying to sound as optimistic as possible, anything that would get Ji-a more relaxed and remove that sadness I am seeing on her face.
  • Course I hate seeing her sad, I so much hate it!
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