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Chapter 68

  • Byung-ho picked up the menu on the table and took time in studying it like he wanted to write an exam based on what was written there. After a long time staring at the menu he dropped it back on the table and took his eyes to me, a happy smile formed on his face.
  • “ What will you like to have? you can look through the menu. I will be having anything you pick. " He said.
  • “ I am not really that hungry, can I just have something light to drink, no alcohol please. "
  • I said softly. And I could see the flashes of lightning in the sky and soon after the thunder came sounding loudly.
  • “ You heard the lady, some wine please and remember no alcohol. " Byung-ho said, directing to the waiter, who nodded and left...
  • The weather kept at it, lightning flashing and thunder sounding, until the waiter returned with the drinks_ a bottle of non alcoholic wine actually with two glass cups.
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