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Chapter 60

  • In fact my legs felt really weak, like it could no longer support my weight so I had to reach for the head of the couch and rest my hands on it, to support myself.
  • “ Man you have to help me with this, you know you are my best friend and also you are the reason why I don't currently have a girlfriend. Though I have forgiven you about that long time ago, I want to even thank you cause I wouldn't have known what a slūt my Ex Da-eun is and most importantly, I wouldn't have fallen in love with the perfect girl for me, Ji-a. "
  • He said and now I was feeling heart pains and also guilt for what I did to him, concerning his ex.
  • He is right, I am the reason why he broke up with his ex, I ruined his previous relationship. Will I also be the reason why he won't find love?
  • Will I deny him the chance to be happy again?
  • He's my best friend and I should always seek his happiness, but..but I love Ji-a, I love her so much.
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