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Chapter 112

  • His whole body craves for her with a passion he can't explain. For more than four years he has controlled his urges and desires, surely he can control himself for a few minutes right? Or can he?
  • He could feel his body burning and screams for need, a need he has repressed for so long and just could no longer anymore. These few minutes suddenly seem like an eternity, an eternity he couldn't wait. He wants her and he wants her now!
  • “ Relax yourself "
  • A voice came whispering into his ear.
  • Lee Chun finally took his eyes off Ji-a who was still slowly walking to the altar. The voice belongs to his best man, Byung-ho of course.
  • Byung-ho had noticed how Lee Chun's whole body was vibrating as soon as Ji-a came in. He could also see that burning desire in his friend's eyes, in the way he gazed upon his wife to be.
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