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Chapter 110

  • How come? That's Ji-a's number. He was sure with his life.
  • But what made Lee Chun really convinced that something was definitely not right is when he complained about all his bank accounts being frozen but Mr Kuo-hon remained calm and simply said.
  • “ Don't worry. My account isn't frozen. I will give you whatever you need. "
  • Lee Chun became very fearful and worried about Ji-a as he knew his father was the one responsible for this and might have done something to harm Ji-a.
  • So Lee Chun sought to return back to South Korea after only a week in America but that proved mission impossible. He had no money for a plane ticket and his personal assistant won't give him any money.
  • However Lee Chun was determined to get back to Ji-a so he sought to get a job to earn some money that he would use to buy plane tickets. You can imagine the son of a billionaire washing people's toilets and dishes even though he still gets fired less than 3 days in a job. Any job he finds he gets fired regardless of his performance, Lee Chun knew this was the hand work of his father.
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