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Chapter 109

  • Lee Chun's father, Mr Lee made Lee Chun and Ji-a sim inactive, he disabled their sims so they would have no means to communicate with each other and just 2 days after Lee Chun was gone Mr and Mrs Lee called Ji-a over for a discussion....
  • There, Mr and Mrs sat giving Ji-a, who stood a mean, belittling stare before Mrs Lee finally started her address.
  • “ I know you and my son had something, but I want to be plain with you. Whatever thing you think you have with my son has ended. It ended the first day I leant who you were. The daughter of a nobody, a dirty orphan. You have no future with my son and once he gets back from the States I will get him married to a good girl who is in his class, not a, nobody, gold digger of a daughter. "
  • Her words were like a dagger in Ji-a's heart.
  • She felt like she was being stabbed nonstop she wish they stop saying such mean words to her but they didn't they kept tearing her apart with their words that her chest hurts so bad it felt like she wanted to have an heart attack
  • She was beginning to find it difficult to breathe, talk more of speaking. Her eyes had become wet even though she was fighting herself hard not to cry but how possible is it? To keep the tears away when they want to take everything away from her? Her joy and her hopes. And now it was Lee Chun's father's turn to hurt her with his tongue. Maybe this time he will stab her with a long sword and put her to death.
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